Who I am. Why I’m Here.

In short, I am a woman, a mother and wife and a wannabe of many other things: a writer, a photographer, a very good swimmer, I could go on but id like you to keep reading. You’d think being the parent of a wonderful children would be enough to give a person’s life all the purpose it needs, turns out, it’s not, at least not for me. Apparently I need something more. Not more kids. Not more money, although you won’t see me complaining if money (not kids) unexpectedly appeared. Not more shoes or clothes but I need to share, to shout, to pour out, all that is inside me. The good, the bad, the ugly and a barrel full of probably useless other thoughtful knickknacks meandering around my brain and resting on my heart and talking to yourself hasn’t been very rewarding. In a few short weeks I will be 40 and I’m not certain that I’ve made a mark in the world. I find myself wondering what legacy, if any I will leave behind. Perhaps I could author a journal but I am certain that upon my death, after it was violently shaken in search of any treasure (read cash and gift cards) hidden amongst it pages, it would be immediately tossed in the garbage. One of my husbands’ primary complaints is that I have to many books so he is ripe for an opportunity to chuck them making one very dependent on strangers (aka blog readers).
My interests are many. I love music, movies, television, art, traveling, the ballet, food, cooking, photography, kids, fashion and, of course books. I enjoy discussing politics, and media heavy topics including popular culture, fitness (and fatness), religions and relationships. And if I am diligent over the next year I hope to have made visitors in to readers, readers in to acquaintances, and acquaintances into friends, fans, followers and sharers. I am certain there will be critics, and their presence will be valued as well, perhaps not immediately but eventually.